McKesson Push-Button Safety Lancets


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 McKesson Push-Button Safety Lancets
 Innovative design provides better way to quickly and comfortably obtain blood samples
 Delivers accurate, painless blood sampling at the touch of a button for efficiency and convenience
 Reliability provided by optimized needle exposure of 1.8 mm fixed depth to guarantee adequate blood flow
 Features gamma-sterilized 23-gauge needles, fully covered and protected with a sterility tab
 Electro-polished, silicone-coated needle with high puncture speed minimizes pain and facilitates healing for gentle fingertip sampling
 Enhanced safety with sterility tab and self-destructing activation mechanism

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 Easy-to-handle, retractable design features an intuitive, 2-step operation with low firing force and no lancet loading required
 Blue color-coded design for easy gauge identification
 Disposable design for convenient single use
 Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
 Packaged: 100 Per Box