MD300W1 Sleep Monitor


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MD300W1 Sleep Monitor.

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Our Sleep Monitor MD300W is specially designed to help people self-diagnose primarily SAS at home. It can record the blood oxygen and pulse data in real time, then store and tranfer to the computer. By a software to analyse the data, people can tell immediatelly and easily if they suffer from HSAS( Hypopnea Sleep Apnea Syndrome). Thus no need to waste the time on the road to clinics and waiting for queue.


Small and portable design don’t affect your sleep.
Record the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate in real time.
Store the measured data and transfer to the computer.
Uses software to analyze SPO2(Blood Oxygen situation) and PR situation.
Set up to 10 ID code, you can share it with your family.
Easy to read report can tell you whether you suffer from HSAS(Hypopnea Sleep Apnea Syndrome) or not.
Saves your time on the road to clinics and waiting for queue.

MD300W1 Diagnosis Method:

Check if the apnea exceed 10 seconds when sleeping.
Check if the apnea events occurred 5 times within 1 hour.
Check if the apnea events accumulated 35 times within 7 hours.

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