Medical Real Time Handheld Portable ECG Monitor


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Medical Real Time Handheld Portable ECG Monitor.

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Ideal for individuals who suffer from cardiovascular disease or other diseases such as, but not limited to, hypertension or diabetes, this handheld ECG monitor is used for at-home monitoring of heart health. Featuring a large LCD back-light display screen, the hand held ECG monitor automatically stores results every 3 seconds for a total of 200 recordings to provide a substantial amount of data for you and your doctors to review. With one set of batteries, users can obtain up to 400 readings. Increase the longevity of your batteries with an auto-power off feature. This monitor is a truly portable, cable free solution to monitoring heart health at home or on the go.

Please note, the handheld ECG monitor is not suitable for long term monitoring or as a replacement for a regular ECG examination.

An ECG monitor measures the electrical impulse as it passes across and through the heart, causing the heart to beat. The ECG waveform shows the heartbeat rhythm during the 30-second measurement and displays the electrical activity which causes the heart to beat.

Known as the P wave, the first peak indicates the spread of the impulse over the atria and the beginning of their contraction. The second peak, or QRS complex, indicates the spread of impulse over the ventricles and the beginning of their contraction. The last peak indicates the activity as the heart relaxes, known as the T wave.

Acquire a measurement in 30 seconds.
400+ measurements on one set of batteries.
ECG waveform, heart rate, analysis results and battery status display on LCD screen.
Auto-power off after 60 seconds, can adjust auto-power duration.
Automatic evaluation based on detected heart data.
2 x AAA battery operated.
Truly portable, cable free.
Data management software included.

Extended Specifications

Heart Rate Measuring Range.
30bpm – 240bpm.
Heart Rate Measuring Accuracy.
30 – 100bpm, < ±2. 101 - 240bpm. < ±4. Battery Type: 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries . Operation Current < 60mA. Display Type: LCD Back-light. Environmental Operating Temperature: 5°C-40°C. Storage Temperature: -20°C – 40°C. Storage Humidity: < 80%. Dimensions Size: 136*84*21mm (l*w*h). Weight: 100g (not including batteries). Warranty 1 year.

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